Products and Services


1. Control, supervision and previous inspeccion of the risk prevention in the workplace.
2. Machinery and equipment installation for the proper conduct of the work.
3. Scaffolding according to regulations.
4. Hydro cleaning and degreasing of surfaces that will be treated.
5. Placement of adequate protection systems in certain areas to try not to cause damage after the treatment.

6.Control of environmental conditions (humidity and temperature) before starting treatment.


1. Blasting according to regulations and quality stated in the contract.
2. Inspection after blasting the surface.

3. Abrasive removal once the blasting phase and before painting.


1. We apply painture layers once the blasting was inspected and conditions for painture application are supervised. The application will be made in accordance with conditions laid down in the contract and the conditions specified by the paint manufacturer.
2. Brush application for corners, edges, welds and areas of difficult access where you can not apply the spray painting.
3. Control of thickness between layers.
4. Safety department inspect everything before the control and inspection of the painture company and the shipowner.
5. Monitoring, control, verification of the shipowner and the painture company of the treated areas. Delivery phase of the work.