Vacuum unit Asfalto in Refinería of Bens in A Coruña. Repsol Petroleo.
Coal yard of the Central of As Pontes. Endesa
Several metal structures. Endesa
Wind turbines of Estaca de Bares. Endesa
Coal yard of the Central of Meirama. Lignitos de Meirama

Conveyor belt heads, Pontonas. Lignitos de Meirama.


New work

Frigates F-100
Norwegian Frigates F-300
Ship Galicia
New ships in Vulcano's shipyard

Australian Strategic protection ships


Bulcarriers, tankers, oil tankers, etc.
Warships in Navantia's naval and military installations.

Fishing vessels in Valiña, Oza and Varaderos Cerca Grande's shipyards in A Coruña.

Floating structures

Oil rig . Discoverer Enterprise